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Kabzaa Real Star Upendra acting  upcoming movie based on the underworld story starring Upendra. We are telling you kabzaa Kannada movie review.
Kabzaa Kannada movie review

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kabzaa Movie Review

   kabzaa Upendra is a very different movie of acting his career. Real star Upendra completely look like a 1940-1980 gangster like his dress,hat and vehicle.the story begins with 1940- 1980 history, real star Upendra acting lead role on kabzaa Kannada movie, abhinaya Chakravarty kichha Sudeep was acting guest role on kabzaa movie Kichha Sudeep look like a bhagath Singh on this movie, the director R.Chandru Create total set on 1940 -1980 century like all cast dress, weapons, vehicle,old style and etc.

Kiccha Sudeep as Bhargav Bakshi in kabzaa Movie this movie includes real story of 1947 century, movie covered with songs, entertainment, rowdyism, gangster, emotion, silence sequence.

I hope kabzaa Kannada movie review you are like this movie please watch movie on theater please stop piracy

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