Easy ways To Earn Money Affiliates Marketing Without Website for free

Hello friends I am telling you a small affiliate marketing trick, this trick allows you to promote your affiliate links on any website. So if you don't have a website, you don't need one, you don't need a landing page, you need to follow me, and tune in to learn this amazing trick! So here is a link, how do I promote a link on this website? How did this happen? What happens now if you click on it opens my Clickbank affiliate offer so I'm promoting my affiliate link on this website How did this happen? Using the technique of "overlay pages" or "overlay links" how to apply it? Let's look together.

How can we carry out this strategy so that my affiliate link is the first thing in my case, in this example I use Impact.com which is an affiliate network like Clickbank, CJ, JVZoo so you can use any affiliate link you want and you can also promote your website Promote what you want so I click "Get Code" here to get the affiliate link to check things out and show how it works so let's get this affiliate link, it's my affiliate link I copy it I open the notepad.

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 I say affiliate link is very simple, so in this example I'm promoting an Envato product from ThemeForest so it's a WordPress theme or HTML template, website template and so I'm now going to google and find a link - as an example of the top 10 WordPress themes I want to get a link to a website So go here and this is the website where I used aThemes.com imple you can use CodemVP, get it to whatever website you want, open it and you will now have this full blog post so how do I use this website to promote my links? I copy it, copy it Now this is the target website or article is very simple. Now what we are going to do is use the overlay link tool or the overlay page tool. Now we have many options. . Simply here you can create a new snip I copy and paste this url here and click create snip here, it's simple now it goes to the link creator it will show you the website and you can see this pop-up here you can edit the URL here you are the affiliate link Copy it, Paste it here and click Snipe Wait for a while. Copy it and then go here Open it and you see it now. This is mine and this is my link on this website. It's awesome. Now if you go to snipe, go back here, go back to price, you are here for the price If so, upgrade to the plan and you'll see that the cheapest price is $ 29 per month for 5,000 clicks so it's not expensive anyway Beginners to get started with this service so I want to show you two other options now using option number l-ink.me you can see if you go for a price. 8.99 Only for unlimited clicks Everything is unlimited.

 So it's very cheap and if you follow me, you know that this service is mine and to be honest with you I have not developed this service. You can go to CodeCanyon.net now and search for Premium URL shortened. You can find this script here. Drop in Channel You can find this video here "Start Online Business - In Today Hours - Sass Model" In this video I will explain how to build a business like this and start a SaaS business from your home.

In a couple of hours it's up to you. You can go with Snip.ly. You can go and buy this service from CodeCanyon. I'll put all the links in the links below. It's up to you. You can buy and host it and have your own service or you can simply buy Get planning, golden scheme and unlimited overlay pages Unlimited links, unlimited clicks,  Everything is unlimited, it's up to you and you can find a coupon with 50% discount on l-ink.me below to help you more. For a limited time of just 7 days I'll put this coupon to help you more get this service and try it if you want anyway it's all up to you and I am sharing it with you all you can from Code Canyon.

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