Must Be The Best Motivational Moral and short kids stories

 Must Be The Best idol maker Motivational Moral and short kids stories for keep smiling always for short and helpful stories I hope this story are helpful please comment the below.

Must Be The Best Motivational Moral and short kids stories

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Today's story is a village story. There was a boy in a small village. He loved sculpting a stone into an idol. But no one would teach him. As there was no one to help him, he decides to learn it himself and would make beautiful idols. As and when he grew up and practiced the art he had become so good at it he became the best sculptor, not only in his village but also in the neighboring ones.

Must Be The Best Motivational Moral and short kids stories

 People from far away would come to him with orders. They'd pay him well too. He lived a happy life. He had gained fame and was earning good money too. He was more than happy. His happiness doubled as he gave birth to a son in a few days. As his son grew older, he also started sculpting. 

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His father was really proud of him. He wished his son to be a good sculptor like him. Whenever his son would sculpt something he'd guide his son and tell him to perfect it. The son was so happy to see his father proud that he'd keep his father's words in mind and improvise in his next work. While making a new sculpture, the son learnt many things. The son also grew up to be a good sculptor. 

Must Be The Best Motivational Moral and short kids stories

His father was really proud of him. Both of them earned well and gained fame in the entire village. The father started ageing in a few years. He didn't have the strength he had to make beautiful works of art. That's why, people started buying his son's sculptures, instead of his. His son started earning more money. The father wasn't able to make money. His father would still guide his son whenever he'd come with a new idol. But the son didn't have the patience to listen to his father. He'd think, 'I'm only listening to my father.' 'But I don't like listening to him.' He'd still listen to his father as he had respect for him. 

He was earning a lot of money. After a few years, the father couldn't sculpt anything. That time, when the father would guide his son the son back answered him. He said, 'Dad, nobody is buying your sculptures.' 'You now don't have the capacity to make sculptures.' 'How can you just come and guide me?' 'What's wrong with my sculptures?' 'They're so perfect!' 'People from far away buy my creations.' 'They pay a heavy price for my creations.' 'How can you ask me to improvise?' 'What's wrong with it?' 'They're so perfect. 

Must Be The Best Motivational Moral and short kids stories

It cannot be improved.' But after a few years, even the son's business dropped. The money he was earning by selling idols had reduced drastically. It had got reduced. That time, the son wondered why the price had come down. He worried as to why his business came down. He went to his father to get an answer to his worry. He said, 'Dad, I'm still making perfect idols.' 'Why has the price gone down?' 'Why aren't people liking it now?' On hearing the son, the father was mum for a while. Then, he smiled. The son asked him why he was smiling. The son asked, 'Did you forecast this?' The father said, 'Yes, I knew it. But you weren't listening to me.' 'That's why, I was mum as I wanted you to experience it.

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' The worried son says, 'I'm sorry. I should have listened to you.' 'Will you please tell me why this happened?' Then the father explains saying 'People always expect more from you.' 'You must be good at what you do. But if you don't improvise' 'people will not accept it.' 'People will get bored if you don't change things.' 'They won't like it.' 'You must always think about improving.' 'That day you said that your idol was the perfect.' 'You said, you cannot improvise it more.' 'That day, your earnings and business should have come down.

Must Be The Best Motivational Moral and short kids stories

 The moral of this story is that no matter what we're doing we shouldn't think that we can't improvise. One must be the best at what he does. We must learn to be perfect. When you think that there's nothing to learn our growth stops then and there. That's why, one must always try to learn more things. We will grow only when we learn. 

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