Mahabharata Moral and Short kids Stories in English

You are the kid this story is helpful to your career for increasing your moral.I am said about You very famous Mahabharata Moral And Short kids Stories in English I hope you liked it so let gets started.

Mahabharata Moral and Short kids Stories in English

In the Indian history there are two huge epics. One is Mahabharata and the other is Ramayana. In both the epics, there are more than a lakh short stories. We do know the story. But we have no idea about the detailed short stories. I'm going to tell you one such story. We all know that in the Mahabharata, a war called Kurukshetra took place.

 During the war, after about 4 days Duryodhana got scared That he might get defeatedin the hands of the Pandavas.He had Kripacharya, Dronacharya, Bheeshma and other major people on his side. But all the Pandavas had was Krishna. Duryodhana had warriors, saints and gurus. On seeing his seeing being defeated he got really scared. 

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Duryodhana went to Bheeshma and said this. You have always favored the Pandavas. That's why, you're not actively participating in the war, in spite of being on our side. The Pandavas are about to win the war. 

Mahabharata Moral and Short kids Stories in English

Bheeshma got very furious. No matter how many noble deeds he did Duryodhana told him that he was being biased. No matter how many noble deeds he did Duryodhana told him that he was being biased. Bheeshma took five of his gold arrows. He recites mantras for each arrow. 

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He tells Duryodhana I'll kill all the five Pandavas with these five arrows. But Duryodhana had no faith in Bheeshma. He says, if the Pandavas come and seek help from you you might give these arrows to them. Because you love them more. Bheeshma replies I won't do that. Why don't you come up with a solution? Duryodhana says, give those arrows to me. 

I'll take care of them. I'll hand them over to you tomorrow morning. Bheeshma agrees to him and hands the arrows over to Duryodhana with a warning. These arrows will be powerful only if I shoot them. Or if the Pandavas use them. Because these are made for the Pandavas. Don't you give it to anybody or lose it. Keep them carefully. Duryodhana listens to him and leaves for his tent. Before the Kurukshetra war started the Pandavas were living in the forest for a few days. There was a pit very next to the tent of the Pandavas. Duryodhana's tent was on the other side of the well. 

Duryodhana had gone near the well to take a shower in the morning. Gandharva, the prince of Heaven shows up. On seeing him, Duryodhana starts a fight. Duryodhana and his team wage a war against Gandharva. On seeing that, Arjuna starts fighting with Gandharva as Duryodhana was his younger brother. 

Gandharva gets defeated and Arjuna wins. Duryodhana was a Kshatriya. He might have felt ashamed, but he was happy that Arjuna came to his rescue. So he decides to give a boon to Arjuna. He says, you can ask me whatever you want. Arjuna says, I don't need anything for now. I'll let you know if I need anything. That story came to an end. Let's come back to Kurukshetra. All Arjuna had was Krishna. Krishna was the Almighty. He knew everything. Krishna looks for a solution to help Arjuna. Krishna was aware of Duryodhana's boon to Arjuna. He also was aware of the 5 golden arrows Bheeshma had given to Duryodhana. Krishna tells Arjuna it's time for Duryodhana to give you a boon. Go and ask him those five arrows. Arjuna does as instructed. When I'd saved you from Gandharva you had given me a boon. As that boon, I want those 5 arrows Bheeshma had given you.

Mahabharata Moral and Short kids Stories in English

 Duryodhana gets stunned that nobody else was aware of the arrows. How did Arjuna find out about it? He thought that Bheeshma would have said this to Arjuna. Duryodhana asks Arjuna how do you know about those 5 golden arrows? Arjuna says, Lord Krishna is on my side. He told me about these 5 arrows. Let's not waste time talking. Give me those arrows. As Duryodhana was a Kshatriya he had to stick to his words. He had keep his word. He had to give those 5 golden arrows to Arjuna. Duryodhana did the same. Arjuna leaves happily for his tent. 

Duryodhana was upset. That he had given those 5 arrows to Pandavas. He immediately went near Bheeshma. He says, I had to give those arrows to Arjuna. Please make more arrows. Bheeshma says, I had asked you to keep it very carefully. You didn't want to give it to the Pandavas. You yourself have given it to them now. I can't help you. I could use those mantras only once. I have chanted those five mantras. The Pandavas have those arrows. I can't help you. Duryodhana gets depressed and comes back to his tent. This is one story no one was aware about.

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