A Short Story From Ramayana

 This is a Rama in ayodya and he is how to spend with our father and mother's this is A Short Story From Ramayana in rama have 3 mother's 

A Short Story From Ramayana


  I'm going to tell you a story from the epic, Ramayana. We all know that there was a kingdom called Ayodhya. King Dashrath was the king. He had three wives. The first wife was Kousalya. The third wife was Sumitra. The third wife was Kaikeyi. Kousalya gave birth to Ram. Sumitra gave birth to twins, Lakshman and Shatrughna. Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharat. But King Dashrath and Kousalya had a daughter too. She was elder than all the boys. 

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Let's talk about her. Her name was Shanta. Many people call her Shantala. Even the four children they had together weren't aware of Shanta. Let's find out the reason. Kousalya's father's name was Shukoushala. Her mother's name was Amruthaprabha. They were the king and queen of the Kosala state. It's now called Magadha. Shukoushala ad Amruthaprabha had another daughter before Kousalya. Her name was Vrushali. Vrushali wasn't able to conceive.

A Short Story From Ramayana

 She was very depressed. That's when, Dashrath and Kousalya gave birth to Shanta. Vrushali had gone to Ayodhya to check on her sister. Kousalya was holding her beautiful baby, Shanta, in her hands. Vrushali was happy to see her sister. But she was very upset about it as well. It had been many years since she got married. But she couldn't conceive. But her sister had got married after her and lived with Dashrath for so many years. She had given birth to a beautiful daughter. On seeing the baby, Vrushali starts crying. 

As she couldn't conceive, she spent some time with Kousalya and decided to take care of the baby. Vrushali was taking care of Kousalya and Shanta in Ayodhya. Vrushali loved Shanta a lot. Vrushali would do all chores related to Shanta. The love between them had grown to a great extent. On seeing this, everybody was stunned. That the baby was closer to Vrushali than her own mother. They were really surprised. It was time that Vrushali had to leave Kousalya and Shanta. Vrushali was very upset. On seeing her condition Kousalya understands everything. That her sister had no children. She took care of my daughter as if she was hers. If she suddenly leaves me and the baby she'll be heartbroken. Vrushali asks Kousalya I can never become a mother. 

Dashrath has two wives apart from you. I'm sure that one of you will give birth to the heir. Please let me take Shanta. Kousalya heart melts at that point of time. She goes her husband, King Dashrath and shares her feelings with him. My sister can never be a mother. Let's give our daughter, Shanta, to her. I'm sure that she'll adopt Shanta and take good care of her. King Dashrath respected Vrushali a lot. He agrees to this decision. King Dashrath and Kousalya hand over their beautiful daughter, Shanta to Vrushali for adoption. 

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She adopts Shanta happily and takes care of her. But King Dashrath and his three wives, Kousalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi and their four sons had no idea about Shanta. After this, the four sons and Shanta never not very close to each other. 

During festivals or any event whenever they met each other they never behaved like strangers. In spite of not knowing that Shanta was their sister whenever they'd meet, they'd treat each other very lovingly. This was a very special thing. This is Shanta's story.

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