Ramesh Aravind Inspiration And Motivational Speech For Success

 Ramesh Aravind Inspiration And Motivational Speech for children and yours for build a strong life.

Ramesh Aravind Inspiration And Motivational Speech

1.contoll your stress on your life

The major stress point I see is when people unnecessarily compare themselves to someone else, particularly in material things, about somebody’s house, about somebody’s car. 

2.Do not compare Rich And poor.

My God! I mean, whoever you are, there is going to be somebody who’s smarter than you, somebody dumber than you, somebody richer than you, somebody poorer than you. It’s always going to be there. Some times poor people was growing to Rich and Rich people fall down to poor keep it on your mind.Does not judge a book it's cover. 

It’s an endless chain. Unless you are the richest man in the world like Bill Gates. So, this whole point of comparison is going to end in a bottomless pit. 

I think, the ideal comparison you should do, is with yourself. What you are capable of? What you could be and where you are? You are destined to be there, you have the capacity to be there, but you are here. That is the comparison. You rise up slowly, in your skills, in your talent And in your work, and you reach your true potential. That is the ultimate comparison, and the right comparison you should do, I think. What you are and what you can be? You are happily at home, waiting for your husband to come, you prepared a lovely meal, you imagined that this guy is going to come, appreciate the meal, saying “wow darling, that was great!” And this guy walks in and says, “hey sorry, I just had dinner with my friends” and he goes and sleeps off And you go nuts! 

3.Think Nice on your life

It stresses you out so much, because you’d imagined something so beautiful in your mind and the reality is something else. That happens all the time. There’s a mental picture of something in your mind. Perhaps it’s about your work, about your relationship, about your income, whatever.

 But the reality is something else. You go from here to the airport, you are happily ready and then you get into a traffic jam, and then the security queue is so much (long), everything hassles you, because you were expecting a very smooth ride. 

4. Don't expect any one on people

You didn’t expect it. So the whole thing is, the difference in your picture in your mind and the reality which happens. So, I think one of this has to change, and you'll make a step forward. My mother used to tell me, don’t waste money, it doesn’t grow on trees. It’s a very popular Indian concept - “the money doesn’t grow on trees”, isn’t it? So, 

where does money come from? Where do I get money? Either he has to give me, she has to give me or you have to give me. Money comes from other people, and when do they going to part with their money? I am not going to part with my money, simply. When do they part with their money? When will they give you their money? When you add value, some value to their life. 

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I’ll give thousand two hundred bucks to someone, if it was a stand-up comedian who made me laugh, if he gives me a good experience. I am willing to part with my money, right? Or I go to a cricket match, I spend money on the IPL, why? It gives me so much thrill. When somebody inspires me, with his thoughts, his words, his actions, I’ll part with my money. So, the only way you can make money is when you add some value to somebody’s life. If you can reduce my working time, if I can delegate some work to you, I am willing to part with my money to you. So, either make things easier for somebody or you speed up somebody’s work, or you are of some service to somebody, that’s when money comes in your hands And if you want to increase your income, the only way you increase it is, add more and more value to other’s lives. Make yourself so capable, increase your skills so much, that people are willing to pay for it. Or, increase the number of people you add value to. 

5.Think Better Grow Better

You make a brilliant idea, you invent Windows, the whole world is benefitted and you become the richest man in the world. That’s how it works. Think of something that benefits a lot of people, and you make a lot of money. One of my favourite quotes was on a placard in Director K. Balachandra’s office, he was my mentor. And he had a placard saying, “Today is the first day, of the rest of your life”. I think that’s a fabulous thing. Whatever you decide today. Okay, till yesterday, okay man, I goofed up, i was a mess. But from today, I decide, now you see, what I can become. That I think is a great thing to say. When you are coming this road, there’s a board there, “no U-Turn”. Life doesn’t have that board at all. You can take a U-Turn anytime you want. It’s just on you, to decide that now you’ll see a “new me”, “a “fresh me”, I’ll show you who I am? Of course, it’s going to be tough! Obstacles are going to be there. See, why do you enjoy a cricket match, Durgesh? Why do you enjoy a football match? or Why do you enjoy this game so much? Because somebody’s trying to hit a sixer but the other man’s idea is only to make (get) him out. Every cricket ball, starts with the idea of making (getting) the batsman out. He’s a clever guy, he’ll hit a sixer, he’ll hit a four. He’s got the skill. That’s how everything is. Everybody’s trying to stop you. 

What’s football about? You want to reach the goal, if there’s no opponent at all and you simply go and put the ball, what’s the fun? The whole idea of the opposite team is to block you. So, I think, the life itself is designed that way. You want to get something so badly, and the whole world says “we’ll not allow you to get this”, and you just roll up your sleeves and say, “you think so? You underestimated me boy. I’ll show you who I am.” That is what it is about. Yes, You can! 

This speech is ramesh arvind sir tells on private chanel I am competed all the points of speech. You are read my blog article thanks.

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