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SEO optimisation is very important on website rank on google 1st page,this is a small difficult but don't worry I am helping you how to optimize website on seo.

Since 2005 title tag page in the search engine very important to find title pages of the Web site Search Engine forced scripts available on the Internet with this signal coordinate their importance in the SEO optimization search engine for web site Business Web bloggers importance of ranking on the first page of search engine results for content Web site in the highest display not find the words as in ordering voted and text to create that vision of the ideal of great potential have followed From creation to verb

In the world of search engines, you have to be very careful about three things.

1- CTR ranking

 is very important, keep in mind that the title tag can be site title + article post title + tag title + topic title + other page titles.this is increase seo score of your post it is helpful to your blog ranking on 1st page on google.

2-Word Combination 

very important find in the past a lot of web masters looking for a word or two specific word were 2015 Keywords long has become important as structured as the 5 word has increased the knowledge of the search for the users to not a word of knowledge The user goes up and restricts the search. The breadth of a single word is entirely due to the ignorance of the user.

3. Unique title is very important.

 How to create a unique title. How to work with word combinations in the article title and article label and description of the optimized and SEO article .

How to have a good signal for an article and the contents of our site

How to evaluate the quality of an article

How to get continuous keywords as a title

Items that must and should be used in the article post

1- The title of the article

 should have the keywords of the subject, tags and your site. The closer this long and at the same time short phrase can play a significant role in the search engine, the title phrase must have a good density in the text of the article.

2. Writing a proper meta description 

based on the title and tag and subject of the post helps that article to be in the right place for that article.

3- If you can create your keyword 

in the unique URL of the post and article, it is great, it also has a good signal in the search engine position.

4- The content should be written in the right number 

of words and in the order and without misspellings, and the accuracy of using the words of the title and the subject tag will give a very positive signal to your post.

5- H2-h6 heading tag can be used

 based on the style of your template as well as the items used in your static template . Note that a large number and secret code will not help you in any way.this headings are helpful full for place your targeted keyword rank on google. 

6- Using the keyboards 

for that article post in the toolbar and the title of the article photos and the connection of that photo with the article title and the text of that article.keyword using I am recommend it is free and best tool for bloggers,Big bloggers are using these website for keyword research for blog post.

7- Using the text source link

 The article to the posts and topics, increase the value of that article. Note that the semantic connection of the words linked to the article is relevant. Related is created for you.

8- The relationship between the author

 The article post and your Google Plus creates a positive signal for that article. Although it has been a few months since the display of the Google Plus photo was removed from the results, but the signal is still in place.

All of the above creates a lot of system plugins and and scripts, such as the WordPress plugin

As you can see, the above items have been carefully created in this plugin. Now, if you want to use this SEO for your article post, your script must comply with several items, including the SEO title and the specific explanation of SEO and the unique setting of your SEO article post.

If you have these items, you can easily work effectively in the SEO of your post article with the above training

One question remains how to get the title and description words that are also very important in the search engine

Get continuous words through this site. You can use the combination of words in both the title and the description of the post and the tag.

The first Google Trend tool site

The second site is the Tool keyboard tool

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1- The article should be fun

2- It should be an educational article

3- The article should be related to your website

4. Give the reader a special enlightenment on that subject

5. The article should have the power for the visitor to be able to analyze and understand it

6- Answering the questions of users and readers of the article is of great importance in the user-friendliness of your website

7- The article should give various links to other articles and your website, that is, it should give positive signals to your other pages.

See the Google Help for more information

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