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In This post to explains some of the issues with restricting your blogspot blog is blogger safe readings to just the people you choose, and why you may appear to have unexpected readers. I am solve the problem step by step full explain in the below

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When you first set up a blog on Blogger, anyone in  world can read it (if they can find it - how to submit it is a different matter!) Is blogger safe.

But some people want to keep their blog private, themselves and their friends (or teachers, students, another parent, classmates, etc.). This is fine, as long as they ignore the fact that there are only up to 100 people - they can always be invited to read the blog, and that they do not have RSS feeds and therefore cannot offer email subscriptions.

1.Blogger safe or Not?

How to stop everyone from reading your blog
In Settings> Basic: Permissions tab, there is a place where Blogger lets you limit your blog readers to anyone, selected people, or just authors.

When you click the edit link in this section, you can select one of the following:
Private - Bloggers only
Private - Only these students
If you select the first option, then the first option, only bloggers can read your blog. Some visitors have tried to get the message that this blog is private, and will not be able to read any posts.

If you select the second option, you will need to click the + Add readers and enter the email addresses of the people you want to allow to read the blog. Each email address you enter will receive a message like this:

 this below message is to inform you that Your Name has invited your to joining their Private blog "yourBlog Name". To accept this invitation, click the button below.

2. Accept invitation button 

Important: You are need to a sign in with a Google Account to accept this invitation to view this blog. If you do not have a Google Account you can create one g mail account and sign up here.

Happy blogging,

The Blogger Team

The email address you invited and the email address you received
When someone clicks on a button in an invitation email, and is asked to verify that their current Google Account will be used to sign in to your blog, or they are given the opportunity to sign up for a Google Account if they already have one.

However, note that there is a requirement that the email address associated with the Google account that receives your invitation be the same as the one to which you sent the invitation.


When someone accepts an invitation, the student list shows you the student emails you have: it does not show the connection between them and the person to whom you sent the invitation.

For example, if you have sent an invitation by email to mary @ gmail, com, but Mary also has a Google account with as an email, she may choose to read your blog with a manager account - and you will see administrator @ in your list of students.

And with this, the people you invite can forward the invitation to other people, and they can also sign in to your blog - thanks these days, each invitation can be used once.

When this happens, students are added to the group, and the permissions tab shows you the email address to which you are sending the invitation, and the emails of the people who received the invitation. It also allows you to remove permission either from people, or from a whole group at once.

3.Guest login

This feature has not been removed - and this makes your blog-readere ship more secure.

Before it is removed, then the person who invited you wanted it, they can sign in as a guest for 30 days. However, Google removed the login to the IP address they were using at the time, which created a number of issues: is blogger safe

On a shared computer, then anyone who has used that computer can read your blog (if they can find it - for example, by looking in the browser history file).
If their Internet service (ISP) used dynamic IP addresses (which means you get something new every time you connect) the person who received the invitation could only read the blog during their current internet connection. And anyone who receives the same IP address in the next 30 days will be able to read the blog (although they may not be able to find it).

4.Email is not protected to your is blogger safe

You do not enter your email on blog it is affected to hacking or illigal activities Having said all of the above - remember that email is not really secure unless you are sure it is encrypted at each end. Security experts often recommend that you treat it like a postcard: imagine that your messages can be read, in plain text, by all who work at the post office with their hands going through them. Or by computer names, by all servers passing through the journey between you and the recipient.

So, if someone really, wants to read you a blog, they can find out how to "smell" your email. This is not easy (and someone who can do it may find easy ways to get into your blog anyway), but it is possible.

If your blog is overly sensitive, you will have to choose whether you should risk using tools like this (and I think, in most cases, because the risk is minimal), even if you need to look for a set of more secure tools.

This article is helpful to you is blogger safe please send any doubt please comment below and share to your friends thanks you
- bloging lives.

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